Refresher Training or Verification of Competency (V.O.C.)

Refresher Training or Verification of Competency (V.O.C.)

Current industry regulations require employers and ‘persons conducting a business undertaking’ (PCBU) to ensure their workers can clearly demonstrate their ability to perform the tasks related to their job role when plant is used.

Refresher Training or, as it’s called in the industry, a ‘Verification of Competency’ (V.O.C.) is a method of assessment that can be used to demonstrate the worker’s ability to operate equipment and/or undertake the responsibilities of these roles.

Select Safety's trainers are industry experts in their field and along with ensuring competency,  our training is based on best practices which will assist with improving the efficiency and safety of your workers or operators and eliminate any bad practices that may have arisen. 

We perform our VOC assessments onsite at your workplace and can adapt our training to ensure minimal disruption to your workforce. Along with Earth Moving and High Risk Licence VOC, we offer services verifying competence in a variety of workplace tasks.

*Note – an operator MUST hold a current High Risk Licence or Plant Ticket to qualify for a Verification of Competency. A current licence or ticket is one that is still acceptable in the relevant industry or still renewable by a Regulator. Some jurisdictions allow 1 or 2 years for renewal after the stated expiry date of a Licence. Some tickets do not have expiry dates.  If in doubt please contact us to clarify.

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