Why choose our health and safety consultants?

For many businesses, creating and maintaining a safe workplace is challenging. Many don’t have the time, skills, staff, resources or expertise to put sound health and safety procedures in place.

Whatever your business, sound risk management procedures are essential. We work with you to identify and quantify the specific risks associated with your business and then to support you in making decisions about how to manage and mitigate those risks.

We have clients from all industries in Tasmania including, education, maritime, manufacturing, construction, retail and local government.     We specialise in working with small and medium sized businesses.

What does our health and safety consultancy cover?

We provide a broad range of services and solutions to support your business needs.

These include:

  • Regular safety audits and risk management, including; risk identification, risk control development and risk review processes.
  • Development of site and business specific tasks and process analysis, job safety analysis and safe operating procedures.
  • Incident management and notifiable event management.
  • Worker/contractor management, including training records, competencies, health monitoring etc.
  • Health and safety documentation including policies, procedures and forms.
  • Emergency preparedness review
  • Emergency plans

We work with our clients to develop and implement practical systems which meet the legal requirements.
Our staff are qualified, skilled, experienced and are comfortable working in any industry. 

We bring professionalism and enthusiasm to any project or business.